Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags and plastic food containers

No more plastic bags and containers lying around your home. Save your money and save your planet from plastic bags

Store everything! Save your planet.

From organizing your kitchen and shelves to storing your accessories, our new bags follow you everywhere and help you get rid of plastic at home.  

. Made of durable food-grade  platinum


. Endlessly reusable

. Microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

. Easy to carry in a bag or suitcase

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The perfect addition to any kitchen

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Store your food with confidence

Unlike other silicone bags, our bags are designed to last for years while replacing other plastic bags. They are suitable for all types of storage, take up little space, are 100% airtight, do not retain food odors, avoid freezer burn, and do not alter the taste of your food.

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1 Slibag lasts 2 times longer than standard silicone bags

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You will love these bags!

Our products are designed for everyday use. Take them with you wherever you go, whenever you want, and in any situation while being proud to save your planet

Our Snacks and Sandwiches bags
  • LFGB test, a success!

    Our bags comply with the strict European regulations in force and have successfully passed the LFGB test.

  • Extremely versatile

    Keep your food fresh, store your accessories, optimize your space and use them in the oven or microwave

  • Reduce your plastic footprint

    Drastically reduce the use and impact of plastic in your life and save your planet in a small

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What is pure platinum silicone?

Pure platinum silicone is a type of polymer that uses platinum as a catalyst. It is safe, non-toxic, contains no PBAs, and leaves no residue on food. It is very temperature resistant. Our bags are resistant to temperatures ranging from -40° to 220°.

Is silicone biodegradable?

No, silicone is not biodegradable, but it is inert for the environment. The type of silicone we use is food grade, does not emit toxic substances into your food and does not degrade the environment unlike plastic. In addition it is extremely versatile and can be used for years.

How to use Silibag?

Slibag can be used in several ways. Whether it's just storing your food or your accessories, Slibag offers you different possibilities. Its temperature resistance allows you to use it in the refrigerator or in the freezer down to -40° and to heat in the oven and microwave up to 220° without degrading your food or releasing toxic substances into your food. It's perfectly airtight and ready for your best seasonings.

What can I store in this bag?

Slibag is made of Pure Food Grade Silicone, which is ideal for storing food or keeping your food for a long time.

Plus they're great for everyday organization. You can store all types of accessories, headphones, jewelry, beauty products, etc... Slibag is ready for any use and considerably reduces plastic in your life.


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